The feelings between

Your memories are a guise

Take me by surprise

They stop me where I am

What I am doing

Make me realise

I remember all the agony

And the agitation

All the tightness in the chest

Oh the suffocation

‘was maddening to say the least

My mind’d want you to go away

Oh please!

Beneath all this pain and pinch

My heart ached for you

Every inch

‘was screaming

Don’t let go

What you did, maybe right

What I did, I’d never figure

Till the day I die

All done and said

It’s a mighty pain

Like the loner on a highway

In incessant rain

Like the orphan whose lost

More than he had

The tree from the Oasis

Never passed

I still stop

Look out and smile

For between the agony and pain

Deep inside I hide

The smell to your skin

The texture of your lips

The warmth of your breath

The feeling inside my chest

When you’d lay a hand

Across my mind a mess

I smile at the silliness

Of you

I laugh when am alone

Thinking of you

You’re the whisper in my ears

In a windy storm

The creases in my heart

When everyone else is gone

You’re the universe to my existence

The elixir to my pain

The one i hide along

Inside my dismayed brain

I hold on to my agony

It helps me live

But what about my heart

That feels you still

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