Becoming A Naval Aviator

Steps to becoming a Naval Aviator

Yes, we do have Naval Aviators or Pilots in the Indian Navy. You may know this, you may not, but the lack of general awareness of our Armed Forces is appalling at times. Post widely publicised operations like military strikes post Uri attacks and Balakot, and the romanticizing  of the men in Uniform in the garb of Vicky Kaushal and other brilliant actors did do its part and raise some level of awareness and patriotism, Naval Aviation still happens to be one of “I’d tell if but then I’d have to kill you” taskforce.

Indian Navy today operated hundreds of ships and yes, aircraft too, the details of which you may easily find out on Wikipedia. However, what does a Naval Aviator do and how do you get to earn the Golden Pilot wings is a topic to be discussed.

While I will not get into the nitty gritty of training patterns and curriculum, I will certainly like you to know, how to go about it.

Naval Aviation

It comprises of three wings, rotary, maritime recon and fighters. The ships need support at sea, to evacuate personal, to carry out Anti-Submarine Warfare, etc, hence the rotor boys, who embark ships at sea and stay with them for prolonged operations. The type of helos we operate, google it.

Next come the big boys, the MR aircraft, which man the skies for hours together, scanning for enemies and warning other aircraft and assets. They also carry out Anti-submarine warfare by means of sonobuoys, etc.

The Fighter Jocks (yes the Indian Navy operated fighter aircraft, from an aircraft carrier). These guys go out all guns blazing and set the enemy on fire.

How to get there

Well, there are two ways, the first, pass out of 12th standard, join one of the best institutions in the World, the Indian Naval Academy or the National Défense Academy, you’ll get plenty of guidance there on. The second option, graduate with a Bachelors degree in Technology, join the Indian Naval Academy and join the Aviation branch. All of this easier said than done. You’ll go through

  1. Endless sleepless nights studying
  2. Endless sleepless nights preparing for exams
  3. Endless sleepless nights preparing for briefings

Endless sleepless nights for at least a few years. And if you have what it takes and are still willing to go on, you may make it to the fighter fraternity, and spend another few years of endless sleepless nights.


  1. PCM in your 12th grade
  2. Tech in case you join after college
  3. Basic physical fitness
  4. Amazing eye sight
  5. Should own atleast 4 pairs of raybans
  6. Will power to read up more than you ever did in school/college


  1. Indian Navy website to check for dates of forms/exams
  2. Basic knowledge of how to go about an SSB (Services Selection Board)



  1. Amazing and informative blog sir.
    This is very helpful to the candidates who are willing to join forces.
    And I’m sure they’ll definitely get motivated by your blog.


  2. I gave 6 NDA attempts and couldn’t qualify any of them, still im hell bent to join ARMED AVIATION. Will now join after graduation.
    Jai hind.


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