I talk too much

So you don’t hear me scream

I smile too much

To hide my sullen lips

you see me around all the while

for I fear to be alone by myself

I don’t sleep enough

To keep nightmares at bay

I intoxicate irresponsibly

To keep your thoughts away

I push myself

Till It hurts

Because I know

Of losing so much

Giving up on desires

Losing out on your dreams

When your faith falters

Till you’re a lonely being

Demise of happiness

And existence in brooding

Crazy are the feelings

Crazier it seems

The prudence to love

To give in to another

Makes me sick in the gut

The fearless me

Is giving in

To fear’s I’d laugh at

Destiny, It seems

How would you bare

To another soul

I fear the most

What was mine

The sensations you left on me

My body and my mind

The smells of yesterday

The warmth of our lips

In harmony we wouldn’t know

Destiny, it seems

Don’t I regret

You’d wonder

More than ever

I surrender

For the folly of mine

That lost us a tomorrow

Was it meant to happen

all that painful sorrow

I talk too much

I smile too much



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