Do i know.

the feelings that you get
when you’ve everything
yet something’s amiss
when you can feel
them close to you
yet they are far away
when your mind
isn’t here
you left your heart
maybe somewhere
that feeling
something amiss
when you cry
and don’t know
the reason why
when you sit
with each other
yet can’t feel somehow
the warmth and love
you found
maybe it wasn’t
there ever
as you scream
loud into the night
your thoughts
crying louder
how you hate
every living soul
standing in a crowd
you hear no voice
bright lights
feel dark into the night
the warmth of a touch
feels like a burn
and the cold nights
silent solace
what’s become of my heart
that’s worse than my mind
am I broken
am I alive
I wake up to the time
and sleep to tiredness
I eat to survive
run to numb my mind
are we broken
are we alive
do I know what’s amiss
whats not, what’s mine
I know that I don’t.

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