I shall be further away from you
Than lovers ever have been
I shall not hear your voice
Every now and then
Maybe you’d not see
My face whenever you wish
Maybe we’d be different
From all those throbbing hearts
Yearning and longing
For a long embrace
At the end of the day
Fighting all of the world
Maybe we’d miss
each other’s lips now and then
The very smell
of your hair
and you my aftershave
I’d long to hold you
watch my deepest dreams
Live reality beyond imagination
With the two of us in it
Maybe we’d miss the feel
of my fingers on your face
yours in my hair
It’s not really maybe
but definitelies that I see
I’d miss you more
than there are fathoms to the ocean
And yearn to kiss you
more than the expanse to this universe
But I shall cheat with my heart
make it remember you
every then and now
In every here and now
Console it
With another day
We shall meet
And when we really do
There will be no maybe or musts
but just the two of us
And we shall have
Each other
You my love
I your heart
And that my darling
Is all I want.

I love you.

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