All for a wintery night.

Maybe was a New Years’ night, or a Christmas eve

with a dangling bottle by the side, and a cold breath i’d heave

you’d walk beside
clutching my arm for some heat
cherished are even, the foggy clouds we’d breathed

Your dress, the color red
and your nose even redder
every touch of your arm
gave me the slightest of jitters
you my angel
were all beauty and cuteness i’d adore
that evening to night
look over you over and over again
you’d grasp on to me
to curb those shivers
from your short dress
and the wind and wintery jitter

We’d wait till the clock struck 12
dig into the shrubs
a kiss you ‘d planted
from your shivering lips
and shared the love we’d wanted

Walked back did we that dawn
hands in hands
eye to eye
another memory created
another special night to our many nights

All for a wintery night
and a cuddled smile

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