Breathing Easy

To fame, or bust. Quarter-life crisis. That’s a new term doing the rounds. Is it only normal to feel that a 20s something young adult would start contemplating his very own existence if people didn’t know you existed. No, not talking about “social-acceptance”, the one where you do the “ask me anything” stint(not saying its not interesting), just to find out how many people follow or like your post, or respond to it. Read a WhatsApp forward, about how a man had a few thousand friends on Facebook and many a thousand followers on Instagram, and the same on Twitter, but when he died, no one, I repeat, no one turned up for his funeral. What happened of those thousands of friends/followers/well-wishers. A middle aged friend of mine, said to me the other day, the day your generation realizes what they are losing in the run for it all, they will win a lot more. Deep. Super deep rather.

I am just what I say others not to be. I do the very same things. I even had a fight with my girlfriend this one time, cause all I wanted to do all through the trip was edit pictures and post them on Instagram. My intention of indulging in social media may or may not match those of people around me, but then it was a wrong way of doing things. When have you seen a beautiful sunset the last time, without having taken out your mobile phone and making an instant story out of it? Not in a long time, from personal experience. Anyhow and who, that was a major divergence from the matter of contemplation. So yes, is it wrong for a 20s something person to question their existence, comparing it with their counterparts, here in India or abroad, comparing well for a matter of fact, everything with their pay packages. Maybe they ended up in a shit-shot-sorry excuse for an existence, making a 7-8 digit pay and perks package every year, but this other individual followed his/her passion. Its not really self introspection but rather the social expectations, bounding on this generation and many to follow, to be like the protagonist sharma ji ka ladka(no offense to my Sharma friends) . Yes, it still happens. Happiness, in the Indian context is still money. Krantikaari khayal hum chote panchiyon ke liye nahi hai barkhodaar, ye to bade gharo me rehne waale, bade panchiyon ki soch hai bas.  How many youngsters from middle class upbringings have been able to fight out their way through this dilemma of “owing” it to their parents and not being able to bring back sufficient returns against their ego and judgement to satisfy a unwilling thought of having to “return” something to your parents, who sacrifices everything just so you could be “well settled” and “happy”.

Lot of confusing thoughts. Maybe I shall try to put it in a better matter sometime soon. But till then, its still the guy who earns a million dollars, who will marry your girlfriend, and not you, doing what no one else had the balls to even think of doing.


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by-”

and now I shall pay a price, paid by most my friends who took the path less traveled. For they lived by passion, loved by choice, but failed by society.

But then, to the indomitable human spirit to survive and be around, through dust and dirt, blood and grime, BREATH EASY.




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