maybe it’s another goodbye.

It was yet another summer, yet another year of years, time flying faster than my jet, slower than the tide.
I was waiting to get home, everyday to get by.
Now and then a smiling face i’d expect, but all hopes left high and dry.
But then came another summers day, another smile she’d hide.
Few days of sneak a peak, infront of me she’d feel shy.
We met now and then, less than we’d want, more than we’d get.
A shake of hand, turned into the soul of life, a smiling face, and the green of her eyes.
Everytime she’d say hi, my heart would skip a beat and fly.
She was no less than an angel to me, way more than my own life.
Like a teenaged boy i’d think, yet again, all over again, this was it, there would be no goodbyes.
I had to lament the thought again, who would have known, even had they tried.
Time turned to memories, the distance had us try.
Fight we’d each day, but night we’d made it all alright.
Over time and space, memory and love, there was much to lose, much to try, lots to love, lots to cry.
But now i have, made her give up.
I wasn’t there for her, no she’d not lie.
Selflessly she’d loved me, but i ran away all the while.
Don’t i deserve a little bit more, i know i messed it up alright.
But now that its going and gone, maybe the stupid me has realised.
Loves’ not to taketh, but giveth, as much as we can try.
Its never three words, but a thousand of vows.
You can keep them, or put it all aside.
Damage you’ll, and i’ve for sure.
Hearts and minds alike.
Maybe you’ll live on ok, maybe i’ll learn a lesson this while.
Loved she did, harder i should’ve tried.
She’s gone now however, theres’ nomore tears to say goodbye.

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