About the Sea

You know what’s great about the sea. Well not really much. It’s a whole lot of salt water, kind of scary with all that noise of the waves and the dark blue waters(non-polluted) coasts. I recently had the chance to see it from a different perspective all together. From 10000 feet up in the sky. It wasn’t scary anymore. More of like how I would have painted the sky back as a kid. Lot of blue color splattered on a piece of paper. 
And right now, from where I sit, it’s a lot of black. No sound. Just a lot of black something. And peaceful. Strangely peaceful. Strangely calming. You sit here like me, thinking nothing, looking at it and the deep depths of the water seem to absorb the deepest of my thoughts, fears, hate, trouble and what not. It just seems to pull it all out. In one go. And I can think clearly again. What am i doing here. Well, it took that thought too. 
Why do I fly. 

For the love of flying. 

For the fear of being among people. 

For the satisfaction of being aloof

Hiding away in a world no-one knows

Right now it’s the sea, other times it’s the sky

Running away from the world,

Or running away from myself

That’s one thought I must try 

But then again

The sea seems to take it all away

And maybe the sky tell me all tomorrow.

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