48 Hours To Live.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

Those were the words by John Lennon and well just like his music, it does make sense! It would sound all philosophical and crap to say that we must live love and rejoice and not indulge our all into work. But the truth be said, if you aint working honey, you aint making no money. But then, wouldnt it be stupid as hell to forget why we are working. 

Remember back when we were kids and wanted pocket money and always wanted some more to do things we would want to. Well you’re there now. And you have the cash. Do it. You work 9-5 on weekdays, well I work 6-8 everyday. But rather than crying about it, get your ass out of bed early on that Saturday morning and make USE of the the next 48 hours!! If you don’t fall asleep of exhaustion on sunday night, well you wasted the last 48 hours. 

Go on those weekend get aways, cycling trips, random visits to random places. Itinerary. What’s that?! 

Spend time on yourself. Forget work and friends and family and WhatsApp and outlook! Go running or jogging or squash or for that matter anything that’ll get you to shed some sweat. Weekday/assignment/ or the busiest of day, I keep myself some “me” time. Though usually that’s the extra 30 mins of sleep I grab 😀 but yea “me” time is important.

Another thing I figured out quite recently, everything can wait for the next day. “Kal Kare so aaj kar” doesnt always work. Theres things you got to do NOW, everything else can be saved for your to-do-list for the next day. Prioritizing thing is IMPORTANT. 

“For when I looked up, the sun had set into the waters, taking away another day of my being. Could I have done better, maybe a little more, well that’s yet to be seen. But then I have missed, things I shouldn’t have, for the day is gone and that time won’t come no more. The phone call I missed, the text I overlooked, the book I left unfinished for tomorrow, fighting the days disgust and sorrow. The sun awaits to get up tomorrow, and so I drown again into the ink, passing the days gone and lamenting the hours missed.”

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